My audacious goal is, together with your help, to get New Zealand healthy again and it all starts with providing easy to understand information, in a bite-size video series which explains what you’ve been struggling to understand…how your body works, why it responds in a particular way to the food you eat and why as a nation, we are getting more obese and sicker than ever before.


Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

Watch our informative video below, and then check out the Waist to Height Ratio Calculator below.

The waist to height ratio calculator estimates your waist-height ratio, which is a simple, yet effective indicator of centralized obesity and associated cardio-metabolic risk. Click here to visit OMNI Calculator.

Our guide to how much daily protein you need

Prioritising protein in our diet is important for our health and function. Protein is an essential macronutrient as it contains amino acids that must be obtained through our diet. Protein provides the building blocks for our body and is involved in repair and maintenance of all our body systems. Our protein needs increase as we age, with exercise and in times of stress and illness. To find out how much protein you should be eating each day check out our protein guide. Click here for the guide

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  1. The videos you have put together are excellent. I have learnt so much about eating real food and how it helps me. Never before considered food as medicine. You tell it simply but knowledgeably. The interviews with world leading authorities reinforce everything you have told me. We are so fortunate to have you trying to make NZ healthy.

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