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Health Made Simple

Learn six simple steps to restoring your energy,
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Why Choose Health Made Simple Masterclass

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself? Perhaps you no longer recognise the person in the mirror. You’re always tired and have lost the enthusiasm to do things with your family and friends. Your intimate relationships may be suffering, and you’re struggling to control those extra kilos that appear around your waist.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Many women are frustrated with their lack of energy, weight gain, and hormone imbalances. No matter what they do, they feel like they’ve lost control of their body.

If this sounds familiar, there’s good news. There’s a science-based path to reclaiming your vitality. With my background in science and biochemistry, I can help you. I’ve worked with countless women who feel this way, guiding them toward renewed energy and well-being.

During the six-week Health Made Simple Masterclass, I’ll help you understand what’s happening in your mind and body and find practical solutions for your needs and lifestyle. You’ll do this in an informal and interactive small group environment, with support from other women sharing similar experiences.

Don’t take our word for it, read what satisfied attendees have to say!

Jane from Wainuiomata

The Health Made Simple Masterclass was another exceptional learning opportunity provided by Susan Birch. The knowledge, wisdom and experience that this special woman holds in her chosen professional field is incredible.
Susan has a gift for taking very technical information, turning it into plain English and then sharing it, along with real-life experiences, to enable her clients to understand the information and apply the learnings to their lives.
This course is supported by various resources, including readings, videos, presentations and workbooks.
Susan’s ability to connect with her clients and support them to make changes in their health is amazing. I have been lucky enough to be one of these clients and she has truly changed my life. I highly recommend this course.

Leigh-Anne from Melbourne

“The Health Made Simple Masterclass was an eye-opening and transformative experience. Before enrolling, I thought I knew enough about health, but little did I know that I was merely skimming the surface of what true well-being entails.”

Leigh-Anne, Melbourne

Bronwyn from Whakatane

During the six-week course, I gained an understanding of what was happening in my mind and body and found practical solutions that fit my lifestyle. I’m very happy with my 7 kg weight loss, but even better is improving my mood and not feeling like I’m some crazy woman. I have more energy and am sleeping better. The small group environment was great. I made new friends and shared a lot of laughs with other women who were feeling the same way. We continue to support each other through our group chats and regular meet-ups. Thank you, Susan; this class was well worth doing.

Vicky from Rotorua

I want to share how transformative Sue’s Master Class course was over the six weeks.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone feeling like they need to ‘reset’.

Using the strategies I learned in the masterclass, I reduced my waist measurement by 10cm! I struggled with this after reaching my 50s, regardless of what I did. 

The workbooks, worksheets, videos and session recordings were invaluable resources, offering informative guidance throughout the course. Sue provided assistance and advice and continued to motivate us. I can’t thank Sue enough – her expertise and enthusiasm are truly inspiring.

Anne from Taupo

“Every session was informative, entertaining and collaborative. The workbooks were packed with current up-to-date information, reflective worksheets and useful tips for applying the information to our daily lives. It was great to have the support of the other group members to share with and learn from too!”

Toni from Whangamata

“I really enjoyed this course! Sue provided a fantastic range of resources and information to help with the journey, backed up with many years of Sue’s training and research. The course provided tools to assist with setting goals and strategies, challenging our traditional and inherited thought patterns, and building a new improved mindset around health and wellbeing.”

Maggie from Rotorua

“I would highly recommend anyone seriously wanting to improve their health, to enrol in one of Susan’s Masterclasses. I have no words to adequately thank Susan for her phenomenal evidence-based expertise in health and nutrition and for passing this on to us. I am thrilled and excited at the knowledge I have gained, and the profound difference this has made to my life.”

Lisa from Rotorua

“I just want to say a huge thank you for such a comprehensive and worthwhile masterclass. Having worked for 20 years as a bodywork practitioner, it’s been great to get a better understanding of the internal metabolic functions of our body. We all take these for granted and pay them little attention until there’s a glitch in the system.”