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Nothing compares to coaching when it comes to identifying and breaking through your unique barriers to success. Sometimes we all need someone to provide insights and support, while challenging us to achieve the success we envision for ourselves.

I’m passionate about helping you to achieve your greatest potential. I love to help people thrive so they can achieve personal and professional success and with joy, passion and fulfillment.

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Leigh-Anne Sharland is the technical product owner, data platforms, thought leader and mentor at Sportsbet, a 24/7 e-commerce bookmaker.

Leigh-Anne had been ignoring her health, because she was concentrating on everyone else and everything else in her life. Health was something she could do later, when she had finished all the other stuff. And then at 57 she had a mini-stroke along with other ongoing and serious health complications that shook the foundations of her world. She thought she was “alright” and that she had “time”. Leigh-Anne realised that without her health, nothing else matters. She has gone from believing that she couldn’t lose weight and maintain a nutritious diet, to easily losing 12 kg. Her life literally depended on her making these changes. Listen to what Leigh-Anne has to say about taking care of yourself and the value of coaching in helping with these changes.