The Right Diet For You


There is so much information about what we should eat that it is very confusing.

  • Do we eat low or high carb?
  • What about fat, is it good or bad for us?
  • How much protein should we eat?
  • Is vegetarian or vegan a better choice than a diet with animal products?
  • What about all the versions of Paleo and ancestral diets, specific diets for digestive distress and those for autoimmune conditions?

Take half a cup of each and mix with ketosis, intermittent fasting or carb back-loading!

You know when you feel well. You wake up in the morning refreshed after a good nights sleep. You look forward to meeting the challenges of the day with energy and enthusiasm. You are motivated to exercise and fully engage in life. You seldom get sick. When you do, you recover quickly. Your friends are envious of your vitality and enthusiasm.

There are many thousands of different diet plans to choose from and they all promise the same thing. Sustained weight loss, improved energy, better health, more vitality.

The problem is, some of them work some of the time, but none of them work for everyone.
The reason for this is because we are all different.

So how do we decide on our best diet?

  1. First, we need to know what it is our current diet and lifestyle is doing to our body. For this reason I ask everyone I work with to get a comprehensive blood panel completed. This provides information on your metabolic function, vitamin and mineral status and inflammatory and immune system activation. Essentially this gives us a lot of information about how the food you eat is digested, absorbed and used by your body.
  2. Once we understand how your body is responding to the food you eat, together we can work out a diet strategy that will be best for you. I also believe diets need to be flexible.

So while in the early stages we may limit some foods or change your macro-nutrient ratios, long-term we want you to be able to enjoy a variety of different foods without developing negative health consequences. Part of a good diet is recognising and adjusting what you eat based on your bodies needs and responses not on a set of rigid rules.

If you’re ready to find a diet that’s right for you, contact Susan today for an initial consultation


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