Good health is reflected in how much energy we have.  When we have high-energy life feels easy, when our energy is low, everything becomes a struggle.  The question is how do we improve our energy?

Health is a combination of how our genetics interact with our environment.  And yes, believe it or not, we can change how our genes are expressed.  This is called epigenetics.  We are not doomed to the same diseases that our parents or grandparents may have suffered.

Before we can improve our energy levels we need to discover why they are low. 

  • Do we have nutrient deficiencies?
  • Are our bodies inflamed and our immune system over-active?
  • Do we have hormonal disruptions, viral infections or parasites?
  • Are our lifestyle habits, diet and exercise energy sapping rather than energy producing?

When our bodies are dealing with chronic inflammation, an overactive immune system, or metabolic disruption, our energy production capabilities will be turned down.

Think of it this way.  If our ancestors got injured or were struggling through a food shortage they would need to conserve energy.  Our bodies evolved complex mechanisms to ensure this happened and modern humans still respond in this way.

When the physiological response to our diet and lifestyle is metabolic disruption, inflammation and immune system activation, then energy production is turned down as a way of getting us to rest up and recover.  Because no amount of will power can make us feel energised when we need to rest, we often resort to caffeine, sugar, alcohol and other stimulants to get us through the day.

To feel more energised we need to turn our energy production system back on.   This is like rebooting the operating system on our computer.  We need to identify the problem, eliminate it and then replace with the right kind of diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.

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