Clear Out the Brain Fog

Many people suffer from brain fog.

You’ve probably experienced it before, you wake feeling un-refreshed and like you’re sleep walking through the day.

You might find yourself forgetting things or you have short-term memory and concentration problems. This goes hand in hand with feeling chronically fatigued.

Brain fog is a complex issue.

Researchers are discovering the condition of our microbiome (organisms in our gut) plays a huge role in our brain health. Alzheimer’s disease is often called Type 3 diabetes due to the association between metabolic control and brain function.

What I find is people with blood sugar control issues (particularly higher than optimal insulin responses) tend to experience more difficulties with memory and concentration. This often happens long before poor metabolic control has reached the level of a diabetes diagnosis.

I like to take a multi-pronged approach to brain fog problems. A comprehensive metabolic panel along with inflammatory markers (that just means we do some tests) helps to identify the underlying cause and directs us where to look.  Once we work out what is going on and why, then we can eliminate the problem and prevent re-occurrence.

Are you ready to clear out the brain fog for good? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

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