Getting the Most Out of Exercise

Exercise can be a wonderful tool – helping you to feel great. Or it can be a drag, requiring endless will power and determination to keep going.

To help you understand what exercise is doing for you right now, go through the lists below and answer YES or NO:

Fitness and training
• I just can’t seem to lose the last few kilo’s
• I am pretty lean, it is just the belly fat I can’t get rid of
• I just can’t get past this injury, no matter what I do
• I am confused about what to eat for training

Improving Performance
• I am training hard but just not getting any faster
• I wake up tired every morning even after a good nights sleep
• My body is achy all over and I feel like I can’t recover after training
• I usually love training, but am now struggling with motivation
• I am constantly hungry and craving carbs

Starting Out
• I don’t know what is the best exercise for me
• I am worried about getting injured
• I don’t know the best exercise for weight loss
• I started exercising and now I feel even worse

Add up your YES’s. In fact that was a trick, if you answered YES to any of the above statements then you may be interested to know that how you respond to exercise depends on how your hormones, metabolism and immune system are affected by what you are doing.

Not many people tell you that I bet?

When you understand how your body reponds to exercise, the right exercise plan can be designed to assist you with your health and wellbeing goals such as:
• Lose or gain weight
• Sleep better or toss and turn all night
• Feel fabulous and energised or become drained and fatigued
• Recover quickly from injuries or they niggle on for months
• Get faster and stronger, or performance decreases

Are you ready to make exercise work for you rather than you work for it? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

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