Client Interview with Susan Birch

Roy had been in pretty good health for most of his life but for as long as he could remember he’d had a ‘dodgy stomach’. Injuries had caused him to take a fair few anti-inflammatories and pain killers so he could keep active and working on his lifestyle block. But things were progressively getting worse and the prospect of selling his lifestyle block, because of his health, had become a reality.

In this interview with Roy we talked about the 3 months we worked together, the challenges he overcame and how understanding the root cause of his symptoms was the golden key to unlocking the best course of action to take to restore his health and get him back doing what he loves…being active.

3 months down the track, Roy has dramatically reduced his drug intake, most of his pain has diminished and his digestive health is really good…and he also joked about doing an Ironman because he felt so good!

If you’re like Roy and ready to get to the root cause of your ongoing health challenges then you might consider doing a 30-minute Initial Consultation with me so that I can understand where you are at right now and what I can help with while we get to know each other better. These can be done either face-to-face or over Skype depending on your location.

Here’s to restoring your health so you can live your best life!

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