Living well with fibromyalgia

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Anne knew something was not right. But it wasn’t an easy road to discovering that she had fibromyalgia and how to manage it without medication and its side effects.

3 years ago Anne was finding that her body was aching after gardening, computer work, driving and the odd water ski. She didn’t think too much about it until she had a realisation that her body was constantly aching.

She sought the help of health practitioners who finally diagnosed her with fibromyalgia and sent her home with Brufen as a solution.

If you’ve ever felt not listened to by health practitioners or you know something isn’t right but you’re unsure what it is, then you’ll love this month’s interview with Anne.

You know your body better than anyone else and if you’ve been struggling with symptoms that are being shrugged off, then you might consider doing a 30-minute Initial Consultation with me so we can discuss where you are at right now and what I can help with, while we get to know each other better.

Here’s to living your best life!

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