Are your symptoms getting all the attention?

Are your symptoms getting all the attention? The Real Health Blog with Susan Birch

The end of another year is almost upon us and it’s a great time to take stock and celebrate all that you have achieved. It’s also a time to notice those things that were left on the shelf for when you had more time.

Those are the things that fall into one of two categories 1) they’re no longer important to us or 2) we’re not sure where to start so we put them in the ‘too hard basket’.

Our health is one of ‘those things’ that’s often put into the too hard basket and it’s not until symptoms show up consistently that we pay them much heed.

As my client Amy talks about in my interview with her today, her symptoms were a growing concern however it wasn’t until she created the time and space to think clearly, that she really began her journey to wellness.

In this interview, Amy shares why she first came to see me (fatigue, eczema, nose infections, weight gain, bloating and generally feeling unwell), what we did to discover the root cause of her symptoms and how in 6 months she’s feeling like “a million bucks” and looks absolutely amazing. Amy admits there were times when making changes and choices to eat in a new way were really hard but she persevered and she even drops some great tips into our conversation.

If you’re like Amy and you’re ready to make your health a priority from here on in, then I’d love the opportunity to support you. Click here to make a time to chat.In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful and healthy holiday season with your family and friends and most importantly the time and space to rest and restore.

Here’s to living your best life!

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