INTERVIEW: An interview with Ivor Cummins

In this interview I had the great pleasure and a lot of fun talking with Ivor Cummins.
Ivor is a Biochemical Engineer who has spent 30 years leading corporate teams in complex problem solving. Following some health challenges that Ivor talks about, he turned his problem-solving skills to decoding the science around the root cause of chronic disease, including heart disease. He has become an influential and well-respected thought leader who presents on these complex topics at prestigious medical conferences in Britain and Ireland. He also a regular speaker at international conferences and has co-authored the book “Eat Rich-Live Long” with Dr Gerber.

Website link:

Where to find Ivor’s work and book

  • Eat Rich, Live Long with Jeffery Garber
  • “Extra Time” movie link
  • The Cholesterol Conundrum
  • The Widowmaker

Links to Ivor’s book and videos we discuss in this chat are on our resources page:

You will also find Ivor on Twitter –

For those interested in Covid-19, Ivor has been using his problem-solving skills to untangle the myths from the facts. You can his thoughts and interviews on Covid and other health topics on his YouTube Channel:

Part One:
Ivor’s talks about his personal health challenges and how a biochemical engineering complex problem solver, became a world-wide influencer in the role of cholesterol in heart disease. He discusses:

  • Why understanding the root cause is so important
  • What really causes heart disease
  • How our fake food industry got started
  • The cause of type-2 diabetes
  • How insulin and glucose are the single biggest driver of heart disease, not cholesterol

Part Two:
Ivor delves more into cholesterol, what is measured on our blood tests and what these numbers mean. Including:

  • The importance of Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio
  • Ideal Triglyceride levels
    He talks about
  • How essential cholesterol is for our health
  • What really causes damage to the inside of artery wall and lipoprotein particles
  • Why mixing refined carbs and fats together is a problem for our health

Part Three:
Ivor delves more deeply into blood tests:

  • Why measuring insulin is the most important marker for metabolic health
  • The problem with HbA1c and fasting glucose tests
  • Best simple measure is a fasting glucose and insulin: HOMA calculator
    He explains how the CAC test is used to help predict heart disease risk.

Part Four:
Ivor talks about food:

  • The dangers of seed oils and their high Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio
  • The basis of ultra-processed foods
  • 46 different names for sugar
  • The healthy food tick
  • The health benefits of eating animal fats
  • Properly reared lamb is high in Omega-3

Part Five:
I ask Ivor for his thoughts on plant-based Diets and environmental issues. He talks about the

  • Eat Lancet report controversies
  • 7th Day Adventists influence over nutrition
  • Gary Fettke story

Part Six:
Ivor and I discuss the worldwide obesity pandemic including:

  • How ultra-processed foods destroy the health of Maori and Pacifica peoples
  • Advice on what to eat and how to keep insulin low
  • Children’s health; the second order effect
  • Vegetable oils in breast milk and baby foods

Part Seven:
We talk about the APOE and evolutionary context for these genes, particularly for carriers of APOE 4. Ivor also discusses the importance of Vitamin D for health and in Covid-19.

Part Eight:
Ivor talks about his Covid-19 research and how to reduce your risk of a bad outcome.
This is the link to the video Ivor mentioned about talking to one of the world’s leading immunologists about Covid-19:

Part Nine:
I ask Ivor how low cholesterol correlates with mortality.

  • Consistent low cholesterol over 20 years links to health problems;
  • The mechanism is not well understood

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