INTERVIEW: An interview with Brian Sanders

Many thanks to Brian Sanders from Peak Human Podcast ( for this interview. Brian was really patient through our internet issues and came back a second time to get the recording finished.

I particularly want you all to hear from Brian. In my opinion, he has one of the best-balanced podcasts on YouTube.

We share similar goals; working out the optimal human diet and sharing this information with as many people as we can to help make good decisions that improve health. Brian calls this the Sapien diet and this can be found at

Brian is also producing a film called “Food Lies” and we chat about this. A trailer to Food Lies can be found on the resources page on our website:

You can also find Brian’s YouTube video “Game Changers Debunked” here:

I am super thrilled to have my “It’s what else you eat, not the meat” tee shirt, from supporting Brian’s film making project. This film is funded solely by public contributions. If you would like to help, you can do so here:

Part One:

In the first part of our interview, Brian talks about:

  • His own health journey; he thought he was healthy, but he wasn’t really
  • How we have been told the wrong things about diet and lifestyle
  • There is more than one way of eating.
  • One size doesn’t fit all diet and some diets don’t fit anyone
  • Quality of life comparison between our ancestors and modern times
  • How plant and animal food diets evolved throughout human history
  • The evolution of our gut and brain as we adapted to an animal-based diet
  • The expensive tissue hypothesis; high nutrient availability of meat, fat and seafood changed our digestive tract as we evolved
  • Nutrients that are specific to animal foods or not as bioavailable from plant foods
  • Plant toxins and food preparation techniques to get rid of the anti-nutrients
  • It’s harder is to cure a disease that to prevent it from happening
  • The myth of cholesterol and saturated fat
  • Financial interests driving our food industry
  • Food Lies film – tracing the real story behind our evolution and nutrition

Link below to the study Brian talks about from the American Journal of Cardiology:

Part Two:
Brian talks about

  • His interview with Dr David Kurfeld, protein, cancer and dietary guideliness
  • Ideology around anti-meat agenda; religion, Belinda and Gary Fettke
  • Game Changers Debunked
  • Our primary diet is animal foods, with some nuts, seeds and berries
  • Our fall back diet for survival; temporarily relying on tubers and plants. Works short term – not the proper human diet
  • Healing people from the vegan diet
  • Importance of maintaining muscle mass as we age
  • Why people should care about changing their diet
  • The role of elevated insulin in chronic disease
  • How to feed our kids
  • Final thoughts; making change, importance of community, keeping and open mind
  • Where to find Brian

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