INTERVIEW: An interview with Andre Obradovic

In this podcast I talk with Andre Obradovic, a lifestyle and endurance coach from Australia. I recently came across Andre’s work. His approach resonates closely with my own in regard to both exercise and nutrition. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and I hope you learn a lot from the insights Andre shares.

Andre’s website link:



Andre begins by talking about his background. He joined the Australian Army as an 18-year old and then moved onto the corporate world where he worked for 16-years. He became burned out, overfat and unhealthy.

It was from these experiences and his passion for running, that he completed a diploma in coaching and a certified triathlon coach.

Today he talks about his training philosophy; based on Dr Phil Maffetone’s MAF programme (don’t forget to check out my interview with Dr Maffetone), and his low carb approach to health.

We also talk about mindset, behaviour change, and the issues with NZ and Australia food guidelines.

If you are interested in working with Andre, you can contact him through his website link.

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