INTERVIEW: An interview with Dr Lucy Burns

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Dr Lucy Burns

Dr Lucy Burns is a GP and a lifestyle medicine physician. Dr Lucy runs a weight loss clinic called Epiphany Medical Weight Loss. This was the inspiration to create an online learning platform to share this information.

Dr Lucy has faced her own health problems, with muscular dystrophy, obesity and depression. She changed her lifestyle and lost 20 kg and her depression is in remission.
She speaks regularly at conferences for doctors on weight management as well as events for the general public and is now considered an expert in this field.

In this podcast, Dr Lucy talks about her journey and the mindset struggles of making dietary changes. We also discuss the dietary guidelines, why animal protein is so important for the health of our children and many other topics.

Dr Lucy is warm, engaging and very compassionate about the health issues many people are facing. If you enjoy this podcast, please share with your friends and family, and also with your GP.

You can find Dr Lucy at and her number one podcast at

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