INTERVIEW: An interview with Bart Kay

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Challenging the NZ Heart Foundation’s 2020 guidelines – Susan Birch & Bart Kay

The NZ Heart Foundation released new recommendations for red meat consumption on 27 October 2020.
They recommend that red meat intake is reduced to less than 350 grams per week and is replaced by a range of plant-foods including legumes, soy, nuts and seeds.

In today’s interview, Bart Kay reviews the science at the heart of the position paper, scrutinising the references they have provided and challenging their assumptions and basis on which they have come to their conclusions.

About Bart Kay

Bart Kay is New Zealander with a background in Science. He has had an extensive academic career, including Senior Lecturer in Clinical Physiology at the De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

He has also worked as consultant with New Zealand’s iconic rugby team, the All Blacks, as well as the New Zealand and Australian Armed Forces. He has now retired from academia to focus on his business Nutrition Science Watchdog, where he provides scientific critique on topics around nutrition.

I was excited to talk to Bart about the scientific rigor of the recent studies that are circulating around the dangers of red meat and how it could potentially increase the risk of cancer. It turns out that the scientific rigor is missing from these studies. There is in fact no scientific evidence to support the NZ Heart Foundation’s 2020 guidelines.

You can find Bart on YouTube here.

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