INTERVIEW: An interview with Natalie E West DCht. IICT.

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In this podcast I had a great chat with Natalie E West, a very successful psychotherapist and self-image specialist from Melbourne. It is a pleasure to share Natalie’s insights with you. We talked about so many topics today starting with our beliefs about our body’s and how we talk about these things. Natalie explained where these feelings come from and how they can affect our ability to lose weight, gain health and live a fulfilled life. We talked about the gut and how it affects our brain health and about the importance of getting the correct nutrients to keep our neurotransmitters functioning well.

I want to thank Natalie for the energy, joy and passion she bought to this podcast. She was great fun to chat with.

Natalie works online with clients from all around the world.

You can find her at


This is a link to Natalie’s latest article: Malnutrition: the silent pandemic 


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