INTERVIEW: An interview with Tuo Tao

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Tuo Tao, who is an Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Sydney Australia.

Tuo believes in individualising nutrition to target the needs of his clients. He offers a unique service to his clients by teaching them about supermarket shopping and how to read food labels so they can understand what is in the food they are purchasing.

He runs a FB group called Eat Savvi, where he answers questions about what’s in food.

Tuo shares his story of moving from China to Australia to become a dietician. He talks about the Eat Savvi facebook page and his passion to help people improve their health through nutrition.

The is a private group that is open to everyone. The link to join is:

We had a great discussion about many things nutrition, including how the health problems he works with have changed over the last few years. Then we moved onto talking about what’s in our food, the challenges of making food choices and the confusion caused by the dietary guidelines.

Many thanks to Tuo for his time today and sharing his passion for helping people improve their health through nutrition.

Here are the links to find Tuo:





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