INTERVIEW: An interview with Judy Cho

Today I interviewed the very talented Judy Cho. Judy is a nutritional therapy practitioner and holds a Psychology and Communications degree from the University of California, Berkley.

Judy focuses on debunking nutritional misinformation and promoting self-knowledge and self-advocacy.
After suffering health problems from 13 years of plant-based eating, Judy reluctantly turned to animal foods for a solution. She was surprised at what she found in the research. All the beliefs she had firmly held about the superiority of plant-foods over animal nutrition were challenged.

After restoring her own health she began helping others by using the “Carnivore Cure” in her practice. She has subsequently written an excellent book called the “Carnivore Cure” where she outlines the process and rational behind her methodology.

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Today we talk about how Judy’s approach can help with many chronic health problems, including gut issues/dysbiosis, inflammation, brain-fog, depression and many more.

Judy has created a series of infographics that easily explain these concepts and these can be found throughout her book, as well as on her website and social media pages. Judy got a second chance at life with a meat-based diet and she is passionate to help others to restore their health and live their best lives.

You can find Judy at:
Carnivore Cure:
Nutrition with Judy podcast:
Cutting Against the Grain podcast:

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