INTERVIEW: An interview with Dr Estrelita van Rensburg and Issy Warrack

I had a great time chatting with Issy Warrack and Dr Estrelita van Rensburg and Issy Warrack

I came across their book, “Eat Well or Die Slowly” and decided to see what it was about. I was delighted at what a great book it is. It was easy to read with understandable explanations of complex topics and excellent illustrations.

In this podcast we discuss what led them to writing this book. Issy talks about her personal health journey and how after a lot of research by Dr Rensburg she changed her diet. The improvements in her health were dramatic. Aside from the weight loss, her brain fog went away allowing her to think clearly for the first time in years. She came off her blood pressure medication and many other health issues were resolved.

Dr Rensburg is a medical doctor and virologist, who is familiar with deciphering complex science. She worked for a drug company for many years, providing a unique insight into how drugs are used to manage symptoms, rather than diet and lifestyle to treat the root cause of disease. She also has an interest in evolutionary nutrition and environmental issues. We didn’t have time to talk about all those topics, so will do a part two soon.

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