INTERVIEW: An interview with Roderick Lambert

Roderick Lambert is an Executive Coach who works with CEO’s and other professionals to help them restore and maintain their health while dealing with the pressures of balancing demanding careers, along with family life and community commitments.

As a busy executive himself, with increasing demands on his time and energy, he was gaining weight and found his health deteriorating. After researching the connection between health, nutrition and lifestyle he developed a programme that restored his own health. He lost 10kg in 60 days and now works with others to teach them how to apply the same strategies.

In our chat, we talk about mindset how to get back on track when we lose our way, and why a nutrient dense diet is the key to healthy and well-performing mind and body.

The “Eat Your Way to Health” recipe book we discuss written by Issy Warrack and Dr Estrelita van Rensburg is here:

Links to Roderick’s own healing recipes are below.

He would love to have a chat with anyone interested in this journey.

You can connect with him directly:







You will find Roderick’s recipes at the following links.

Heavy Metal Salad

Magic Potato Substitute

3-seed Low Carb bread

Easy Low Carb Cheese Crackers

Low Carb Wrap

Low Carb Pizza

Healthier Ice-cream Delight

Caramelised Banana Pancakes

Pasta with a Difference

Crispy Cheese Snacks

Magic Celeriac Mash

Pesto Super Sauce

View the interview with Roderick below;


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