INTERVIEW: An interview with Laban Ditchburn

I am excited to bring you this podcast with Laban Ditchburn. A fellow Kiwi, who lives in Australia, Laban shares his incredible story of how he turned around a life of addiction, (sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling) to becoming an author, sought after speaker and coach.

His journey included self-awareness and honesty and facing his past. He also adopted a self-care plan that included being forgiving to himself and others, as well as paying attention to his diet and exercise. He is now an ultra-distance runner and you can see from his photo the changes in his physique.

Laban has just completed his first book called “Bet on You” and has a very popular podcast, called “Be Your Own Superhero”. His podcast is excellent, with great guests. I have heard the first chapter of his book and can’t wait to read the rest.

We get deeply into topics of self-care, motivation and the mind-set struggles we all face. I love Laban’s sense of humour, honesty and optimistic outlook – we only get one chance at this life, and it’s up to us to make what we want from it. Thank you for liking and sharing, if you enjoyed this podcast. I certainly did.

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