The best solution to Covid-19 is to get healthy.
We know the people at the highest risk of serious outcomes are those who are metabolically unhealthy with underlying chronic disease.
We are all responsible for taking care of our own health and that of our families. What we eat is the first and most important step.
Issy Warrack and Dr Estrelita van Rensburg have written 3 beautiful books to help you do that.
“Eat Well or Die Slowly” your guide to metabolic health is an excellent read and explains clearly the connection between diet and chronic disease.
“Eat your Way to Health – Recipes for Success” and “Vegetarian and Seafood Recipes” both have wonderful and simple recipes to get you started or to add more variety to your meals.

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Eat Your Way to Health: Recipes for success

Vegetarian and Seafood Recipes

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