INTERVIEW: An interview with Lyle McDonald

My guest today needs no introduction to anyone who has been around the fitness and nutrition world for a while. Lyle McDonald is one of the most respected sources of information you can find out there. He is a trainer, researcher, author of 14 books and speaker.

Today, we discuss “The Women’s Book – A Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss, and Muscle Gain”. Crazy that a man knows more about how our body’s work than we do! This book is packed full of information that will help any woman on her journey to improved fat loss, and better health and fitness. Train and diet smart, not harder!

We talk about hormones and how to train around our menstrual cycle for best results. The effect food has on our cycle and how to eat to support this. We also discuss stubborn fat, where it gets stored and how to activate this during exercise and then how to burn it off rather than storing it back in our fat cells once the exercise is over. We do talk about some men’s stuff as well, for all you blokes out there.

I could have talked to Lyle all day. He has promised to come back for a part-2, where we will discuss PCOS, menopause and get into more details about stubborn fat and how to activate the alpha and beta fat cell receptors through diet and exercise.

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