Susan Birch – Are new diabetes drugs improving our health, or just creating profits for big Pharma?

In this podcast I look at 100 years of insulin and how Noble Prize winner Sir Fredrik Banting, who discovered insulin, gave it to the world, because he believed everyone who needed it deserved it.

Unfortunately, over the last 100 years drug companies have made a fortune selling insulin. Now under pressure to reduce the costs, they have invented some new drugs for type-2 diabetes. These drugs do nothing to reverse type-2 diabetes and come with an expensive price tag and some serious side effects.

We have thousands of New Zealanders who unnecessarily lose limbs to diabetes. Sadly, many doctors don’t know that type-2 diabetes isn’t a disease of high blood sugar, it is a disease of insulin resistance. High blood sugar is the symptom – not the cause.

The solution to a disease caused by lifestyle is to change the lifestyle.

To start you on your journey, I highly recommend the books by Issy Warack and Estrelita van Rensburg. you can find them here:

– Eat Well or Die Slowly – Your Guide to Metabolic Health

– Eat Your Way to Health – Recipes for Success

– Seafood and Vegetarian Recipes

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