INTERVIEW: Rotorua performer Bobby Mihi Howard shares her inspirational story with Susan Birch, The Health Detective

I loved this chat with well known Rotorua performer Bobby Mihi Howard. I have really enjoyed working with Bobby, and have learned so much from her in the last few months. I am humbled by the honesty and vulnerability Bobby shared during our chat. She is a passionate advocate for all women, with an ability to understand the particular challenges Maori women face in learning about and maintaining their health.

Today we talk about her journey and the emotional struggles that a big woman faces in a performing arts career that worships body image. Bobby and I first talked about working together in 2020. It took her a year along with a cancer diagnosis and threat of blood pressure medication for her to step into the space of taking care of herself and her body. Although getting healthy was her primary objective, Bobby has also lost a lot of weight and last week I had a text saying she had lost even more.

Bobby and I are discussing how we can work together to bring better health to the community – so watch this space!

I hope you enjoy listening to Bobby’s story and it helps you feel inspired on your health journey.

Nga mihi ki a koe Bobby mo te wahine toa, me te aroha

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