INTERVIEW: Dr Juliana Nahas – ADHA and autism in children, with Susan Birch

Today I was fortunate to meet Dr Juliana Nahas who specialises in ADHA and autism in children. She graciously agreed to an interview at short notice. We both believe this is an incredibly important subject and are pleased to share her knowledge and resources with you. We are planning on a Q and A in the new year, where you can come and ask your questions directly. I hope you enjoy this interview. Please subscribe, like and share with anyone who may be interested. Thank you.

Dr Juliana Nahas, is a board certified pediatrician and a Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, who specializes in treating complex pediatric health conditions like Autism, ADHD, Autoimmune Disorders, Abdominal Pain Disorders, Obesity, Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and more…

For over 25 years, Dr Nahas has served her community in the tri- counties of Newton, Rockdale and Walton, GA, and is now offering virtual visits for clients who live at a distance.

Dr Nahas is an integrative physician, experienced in both conventional,and holistic/functional approaches,as well as in Mind-Body-Soul medicine, to help your children have the best overall health possible.

After experiencing her own troubles with an autoimmune condition that almost rendered her cripple, Dr Nahas searched all types of conventional and alternative modalities to get well again. She knew that taking Advil everyday wasn’t the answer, and she found that energy healing, yoga and mindset meditations as well as a functional medicine approach led her to resume her vibrant energy and vitality, in a few short months.

Now, she combines her knowledge and expertise with her pediatric and adolescent clients, to customize their treatment approach and help them restore their optimal health.

Dr Nahas book Wellness Wisdom: The Holistic Guide to Revitalizing your Mind, Body and Soul

Website for other resources like the mini course and application to work with me:

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