Susan Birch – Obesity and Covid severity – Whats the connection?

Today’s question comes from Marama who wanted to know why I think that obesity makes Covid worse. She also said that losing weight is really hard, especially when you love your kai and everyone else around you is eating the same. She mentioned that the cost of food is a struggle for many people to make healthy food choices.

There is a direct link to Covid severity and your bodyweight. The more overweight you are the greater your risk of Covid complications. Overweight and obese individuals often have other underlying health conditions, such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune conditions. These all contribute to increasing the risk of complications with a Covid infection.

Losing weight is difficult for many people. Despite repeated efforts the majority of people who do lose weight, end up regaining it and then some. Today, I talk about the importance of self worth as the key to mastering weight loss. Believing we are worthy of self care is very important to success. We live up to who we believe we are. If we believe self-care is hard and means sacrifice and pain, then we won’t do it, and our body and health reflects that belief. If we can shift those beliefs to where we believe we can take care of ourselves and we are worth the effort, then those beliefs will be reflected in our body and health,

Thanks to Marama for the excellent questions. I love answering your questions, so please send them in.

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These are the links to the Covid and obesity research I talked about:

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