Susan Birch – Nutrient Energy Reset – Resetting our intake of proteins, carbs and fats can improve our health and help with weight loss

In this episode I talk about how resetting our intake of proteins, carbs and fats can improve our health and help with weight loss.

Our health depends on having adequate building blocks and cofactors to keep our body’s operating systems functioning properly. These are amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Humans have adapted over millions of years to getting these from high quality animal foods. For many people, animal proteins are the missing link in improving their health. Prioritising protein at every meal is the key.

For anyone wanting to lose weight, it’s important to tap into burning your own body-fat for energy. This means keeping the amount of energy you eat low.

There is a limit to how many carbs we can process without these being stored as body fat. Controlling carbs is the key to metabolic flexibility and fat-burning.

Fat is an excellent fuel, but if you want to burn the fat from your fat-cells, you may need to reduce how many fats you add to your meals and concentrate on eating the fats that naturally come in food.

Avoid vegetable oils like the plague. These are toxic to the human body, wreaking-havoc on the health of our cells.

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