INTERVIEW: An interview with Dr David Cavan, hosted by Susan Birch

Dr David Cavan specialises in the management of diabetes. He has spent most of his career writing and educating about how to prevent and reverse type-2 diabetes, and how to better manage type-1. He has written several books on how to reverse 2-type diabetes, his latest is called “Busting the Diabetes Myth”.

Today we talk about how to reverse type-2 diabetes using a low-carb dietary approach. He explains the role of insulin in the development of this disease and why dietary interventions are superior to drugs. We talk about how early diagnosis and lifestyle interventions can reduce the risk of chronic and debilitating disease.

Dr Cavan has excellent credentials, having worked as a consultant physician for the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Center for 20 years. In 2013 he moved to Brussel where he worked for 3 years as the Director of Policy and programme’s at the International Diabetes Federation. In 2017 he became closely involved in the very successful Diabetes Reversal programme in Bermuda.

He is now back in the UK as an independent consultant working on different diabetes projects and resuming clinical practice.

If you are thinking about a low-carb approach to managing your diabetes, I think this is an excellent interview to provide some basic strategies. It’s always important to talk to your doctor about these kinds of changes. If your doctor isn’t familiar with using a low carb approach for diabetes reversal, this is an excellent interview to share.

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