INTERVIEW: An interview with Dr Peter Delannoy, hosted by Susan Birch

Today I talked with health coach Dr Pete Delannoy.

Dr Pete has a Ph.D in Biochemistry, he is a Primal Health Coach, and Nutrition Network Advisor. He is highly experienced in healthy weight loss, type -2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and gout remission.

Like me, Dr Pete has a passion to share the message that we can take back our health through our diet, exercise, sleep and recovery and most importantly by having the right mindset to do this. We had a great discussion about all these topics.

In 2016 Dr Pete was diagnosed with gout and in 2019 he was diagnosed with prediabetes. His blood sugar and HbA1C were high and he was overweight. He was tired and his health was headed downhill. His doctor told him to eat the Mediterranean diet and exercise more.

He ate his whole grains and joined a CrossFit gym. He lost a little bit of weight, but still had a plump belly and his blood sugars were rising. His prediabetes was getting worse even though he was carefully measuring grains and lentils and how much protein he was eating. He started to question what he was being told.

Dr Pete says, “Conventional wisdom was killing me. The only thing the medical establishment could offer me besides guilt and shame was medication and disease management. Change my lifestyle, they said, even though I was doing what they asked!”

Dr Pete and I talk about the real causes of metabolic diseases, weight gain and gout.

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