INTERVIEW: An interview with Marty Kendall, hosted by Susan Birch

I had a great chat with Marty Kendall today. We share a common interest in the nutrient quality of the food we eat. Marty has spent years understanding and collating information on the foods that provide the best quality of nutrition for the calories that they contain.

With his background in civil engineering, he has brought his ability to analyse complex data into the nutritional world. He began with a strong interest in improving the health of his family. His wife is type-1 diabetics and his son was recently diagnosed with type-1.

His initial goal was to figure out the best nutritional strategies for his family. He is now sharing these with the world through his optimising nutrition programme. He provides mini courses in micronutrients and a data driven fasting challenge and explains these in more detail during this podcast. Marty is really making a difference in the nutrition world and helping us all understand more about the quality of the food we are eating.

I want to say special thanks to Marty’s wife for being a guinea pig and allowing her data to be shared publicly to help others. This is real life stuff and provides invaluable insights.

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