An interview with Rob Nugen, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Today I had pleasure in talking with my good friend Rob Nugen. We thought we would call this episode “one for the blokes”

In fact Rob does amazing work with both men and women, helping them get out of their heads and back in touch with their bodies.

He has been facilitating men’s workshops and peer counselling groups since 2015. These are now available online including the Mankind Project and the Bold Life Tribe.

Rob, originally from the USA has been living in Kanagawa Japan for 18 years. We talk about the similarities and differences in the emotional needs of men and women. We discuss why a safe space to share personal issues is just as important for men as it is for us girls.

The power in Rob’s work is from asking deep questions, so men can find their own way. These questions help them answer who they want to be in life and what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. He says “in the middle of work, relationships and other commitments, it’s easy to feel cut-off and isolated” These groups help men to find a safe place to express themselves and find meaning in their lives. They make deep and meaningful connections and develop powerful support networks.

Rob is now facilitating a group for men and women, which brings a different perspective to the conversation that he finds very useful.

Rob’s passion is barefoot walking. He began when living in Houston and has continued in Japan. He leads weekly barefoot walking groups.

If you would like to touch base with Rob, or find out more about his groups you can contact him here:

These are the worldwide and other mankind project links

His experience in counselling and facilitation work include:

– 10-years attending and 4+ years leading a weekly peer counselling circle for men

– 1+ years’ experience as a suicide hotline volunteer

– 18+ years barefoot walking in Houston Texas and Tokyo Japan

– Shamanic healing training

– Shadow Work basic training

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