INTERVIEW: An interview with Mia Moran hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

My guest today is Mia Moran who helps women balance motherhood, career and health, which can be a real challenge for most of us.

Today we talk about techniques that enable women to thrive, rather than just survive these challenges.

Mia talks about creating a vision for your life and then who do you need to become to create that life. What skills do you need to develop and how do you stick to a plan when life gets in the way? That is challenge for us all. It’s easy to stay on track when life is rosy; but for most of us, life is tumultuous and we often find ourselves barely coping, falling into bed at night, promising we will do better tomorrow, only to repeat the cycle.

Mia talks about her own experiences and now she helps other women achieve what they desire in their lives.

She is a best-selling author, coach, and mother to 3 teenagers. She has a podcast called “Plan Simple with Mia Moran”.

Mia says “I envision a world where women don’t have to choose between meaningful work, motherhood, and their health. I now know it’s possible.”

You can find Mia:


Instagram @theMiaMoran,


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