INTERVIEW: An interview with Jessica Cox, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

My special guest today is Jessica Cox. Jessica Cox is an amazing woman and I thank her for all that she shared in this podcast and the inspiration she provides to people every day.

Although Jessica was born different, that has never stopped her from setting and achieving goals in her life. She found she had hidden assets of determination, courage and willpower.

What makes Jessica different – is she was born with no arms. While learning to adapt to a world without arms may seem like a huge challenge, Jessica says this wasn’t the biggest challenge in her life. She was complete in herself and didn’t know anything different.

The struggles she faces are similar to many that we all have. She say’s “no one escapes life without their own experiences and challenges to face”.

We talk about how we all collect baggage of life. These are hurts, grudges, fears, mental and psychological blocks that hold us back from moving forward in the direction of our dreams.

Jessica is a public speaker, mentor and coach. She is a pilot and has the rank of third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and is the Founder of “Possible Thinking”. It is through Jessica’s own “possible thinking” that she continues to set and achieve her own dreams for her life. She coaches others how to overcome their “baggage” and life to their full potential.

You can find Jessica at:

Possible Thinking™ – Achieve the impossible


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