INTERVIEW: An interview with Sarah Ahern, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

My guest today is Auckland based health coach, Sarah Ahern.

Sarah is passionate about helping women regain their health, lose weight and manage and reverse type-2 diabetes by adopting a low carbohydrate/ketogenic lifestyle.

I really enjoyed my chat with Sarah and her passion for helping others improve their health is obvious. She’s a great advocate for a “healthy NZ”.

We talk about insulin resistance, the food pyramid and her own journey from forcing down “revolting” green juices everyday to a low carb lifestyle and the benefits she has experienced.
We talk about nutrition for our kids, in a time of rising childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes. Sarah shares how she talks to her own three daughters about food and health.

It’s not just knowing what to eat, but also understanding why we don’t eat it. This is where Sarah’s coaching can really help and empower long-term lifestyle changes.

You can find Sarah at:

Phone: 021 1796 708

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