INTERVIEW: An interview with Doreen Downing, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Today I had another fabulous conversation, this time with lovely Doreen Downing; psychologist, author, public speaker, podcast host and coach. She is a woman of many talents and great empathy.

Doreen’s coaching is unique; she helps us all find our voices. It may be public speaking, but just as often, it might be speaking up around the board-table or in an office meeting. Perhaps you want to learn how to communicate better with your significant other, and have the confidence to know what you want and understand how to reach an outcome that works for everyone.

In this episode, we delve deeply into questions about why many of us struggle to share our voices. Doreen struggled with her own voice for many years, despite being a psychologist. She shares her own journey and the tools and techniques that have helped her achieve her outstanding success.

In this episode, we talk about how different personality types and life experiences affect our confidence. Doreen also shares some tips on how to quell the nerves and feel grounded.

I have listened to Doreen coach and share her insights and its very valuable with thought provoking ideas and a ton of useful tools. For anyone feeling anxious and wanting to find their voice in any situation, this is full of real gems.

You can download Doreen’s 7 Step Guide to Fearless Speaking at

She offers a free 30-minute anxiety breakthrough session to get started. Make the most of this opportunity if finding your voice is something you would like to do. All the links to Doreen are below.

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