INTERVIEW: An interview with Dan John, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Today’s guest was very special to me. Dan John is someone who has had a huge influence on my career as a trainer, my own training and philosophies on life.

Dan has blended his outstanding career in academia with professional strength coaching and success in high-performance competitive sports. At 65, he is still achieving competitive goals. He is an author of numerous books that blend his intellect, training philosophies and trademark wisdom together. His books are insightful, inspiring and humorous. My two favourite quotes for life and training are – “how is what you do now going to affect your future?”, and “just pick heavy sh** up of the ground and lift it over your head”. Classic wisdom for living life.

Today we talk about osteoporosis, walking as the most enduring cardiovascular exercise and why getting up and down off the floor is so important. He talks about his schedule and how having FUN is important for a good life.

I’m a huge fan of Dan’s programmes, “Mass Made Simple” (a warning, it’s simple but not easy). Nor is the 10,000 rep kettlebell challenge – but it’s worth the effort. I love “Easy Strength”. This is something every one of us can do, regardless of where we are starting. It only takes between 8-10 minutes a day, and it is meant to feel easy; so there are no excuses. I get to ask Dan a couple of questions about hitting plateaus in my own training at the end.

At Dan John University you will find a workout generator, where you log your equipment, age, gender, goals and time available. It will generate specific workouts for you. There is a free two-week trial, so I suggest trying it out.

Dan provides a huge library of free resources, a podcast called Dan John and his numerous books can be found on Amazon. I recommend his work to personal trainers and coaches. What I learned from him over the years certainly helped me become a better trainer, more focused, and to never let go.

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