INTERVIEW: An interview with Dr Robert Cywes MD, PhD, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Dr Robert Cywes (MD, PhD) is known as The Carb Addiction Doctor. Having suffered from carb addiction and obesity himself, he has both the personal and professional experience to help others overcome their addiction and restore their health.

He is a medical doctor and bariatric surgeon with a PhD, working in clinical practice. His area of interest was in adolescent obesity and the impact of the liver and metabolic syndrome on young patients. This research led to a comprehensive understanding of the toxicity of chronic excessive carbohydrate consumption as the primary cause of obesity and obesity related problems. His medical practice focuses on the psychology and physiology of carbohydrate addiction. He has developed a treatment programme for this. His background makes him uniquely qualified in this area. This is one of those interviews that is well worth sharing with your GP or health professional.

Our conversation today was wide ranging in the topics we covered. Dr Rob shares his own story of shame and humiliation that came with obesity and his growing understanding of the root cause and how best to manage this. He realised his weight struggle wasn’t a problem with calories; it was with a drug called sugar and his emotional management system.

We talk about the difference between being a carbohydrate addict, harmful user, or social user. How carb addiction starts and that it is due to an individual’s unique genetic response to their food environment. It’s not due to a “flawed” personality. He explains some of the techniques he uses to help patients cope with their addictions and reclaim their health. Strategies for dealing with “falling off the wagon” are important and Dr Rob has some great advice.

This was a favourite interview for me. Thanks to Dr Rob for his time and generosity in sharing such a wealth of information.

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