INTERVIEW An interview with Irina Castellano, hosted by Susan Birch The Health Detective

In this episode I chat with my friend Irina Castellano, about her life’s work and passion. Irina has such an important message to share, I hope you will take the time to listen.

Irina is a foster care mother who, with her husband has invited over 70 children into their home and lives over the last 20 years.

She understands the thoughts and struggles about fostering caring. There are many horror stories and a lot of stigma attached to these children. Irina helps potential foster carers and adoptive parents to learn about what is involved, how to navigate the bureaucracy and answers the burning questions. She provides professional and one on one support to ensure these parents are well resourced to take on this very important role and help vulnerable children find loving homes where they too can grow and fulfil their potential in life.

Irina would love to hear from anyone who is currently a foster carer or adoptive parent, and anyone considering taking on this very important role. Thanks for listening and we would appreciate you sharing with anyone who may find this helpful.

You can contact Irina by email at:

You can also email her to get a free copy of her book chapter: Supported Parenting.

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