INTERVIEW An interview with Annica Strandberg-Schmidt, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Annica Strandberg–Schmidt is a sugar addiction therapist, author, and YouTuber from Sweden.

In this episode Annica shares her powerful story about sugar addiction and how she came close to destroying her life and that of her family.

After coming to terms with her own addiction and learning how to navigate her own world of addiction, Annica trained with Britten-Jonsson to become a sugar addiction therapist and qualified to use the sugar addiction assessment tool.

We talk about the differences between sugar addiction, harmful use of sugar and social use. Addiction is a different beast and Annica knows from her own experience how destructive this is to living a full and rewarding life.

She is passionate about her work. She provides support for parents so they can help their children make the changes necessary to live a healthy life. During this interview we talked about

· How to identify a child who has a sugar addiction

· Whether these children need to completely abstain from sugar and flour and is this possible

· How to make changes with a child’s food and how this fits into a family environment

· What is the most challenging part of this process

· How to discuss addiction with a child

· Is changing the food only about the food – are there other factors at play

Annica has started a Facebook page for English speakers called “Small Sugarbombs”. She invites anyone interested to sign up. She often holds Q and A and answers questions.

Her website is:

We hope you enjoy this interview. This is a very important topic and we would appreciate it if you could share this interview with anyone you know who may find it helpful. There are many children whose lives are negatively affected by undiagnosed sugar addiction. Finding ways to help support these kids and their parents through this challenging diagnosis is very important. We thank you for your assistance in sharing the word, that help is available.

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