INTERVIEW An interview with Dr Sarah Zaldivar, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

I had another fabulous conversation today, this time with Dr Sarah Zaldivar. Dr Zaldivar is a Professor of Nutrition at Miami Dale College and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of nutrition, exercise and mindset. She brings new thinking and research to the topics of diet, exercise and achieving our goals.

Today we discuss a lot of different health topics and why a nutrition professor would adopt a carnivore diet. We talk about:

· Dr Zaldivar’s own health and weight loss journey

· The anti-nutrient side of plant foods and how these may contribute to pain, inflammation, gut dysbiosis, depression and weight gain

· The benefits of a carnivore diet

· Thyroid function and hormonal health

· How to break through a weight loss plateau

· The importance of exercise and exercising on a low carb diet

· The problems with nutrition training in universities today

· Criticisms of the keto and carnivore diets

· Techniques to help with mindset and staying on track when progress slows down and you feel that life is no longer fun

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Dr. Sarah Zaldivar received her doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Miami. She is currently a professor of nutrition at Miami Dade College and a full-time content creator on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. For decades, Dr. Zaldivar taught other health professionals and college students alike at the University of Miami and the American College of Sports Medicine about health and fitness, while battling with her declining health due to following the dietary guidelines. She eventually found freedom from binge eating, acne, weight struggles, fatigue, sugar addiction, depression and anxiety, etc… on a carnivore diet, and that is why she is dedicated to raising awareness regarding the carnivore diet. She also selects a few individuals per month to coach with diet, exercise, and mindset programs.

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