[REPLAY] Live Q&A Session With Annica Strandberg-Schmidt

Live Q&A session with Annica Strandberg-Schmidt – Sugar Addiction Therapist

Thursday December 1, 2022

I’m so excited to have offered another informative live Q and A to help you get answers to your health problems.

This month we had Annica Strandberg-Schmidt who is a sugar addiction therapist and author from Sweden.

Annica’s own battle with sugar addiction came very close to destroying her life and that of her family.

After coming to terms with her own addiction and then learning how to navigate the world as a sugar addict, Annica trained with Bitten-Jonsson to become a sugar addiction therapist and is qualified to use the sugar addiction assessment tool. She has gone on to specialise in sugar addiction in children and offers support to parents and family as well as the children themselves.

In this informative Q and A, Annica answers your questions about how to identify a child who has sugar addiction and how to manage this in a family and social environment.

  • How do I know if my child is sensitive to food (a sugar addict)?
  • Do we diagnose children as sugar addicts/food addicts?
  • Is it important, or even possible, to get children totally off sugar and flour?
  • How do I make the changes regarding food? What steps are beneficial?
  • What is the most challenging in the process of making the changes?
  • Is changing the food only about the food?

Thank you to Annica for sharing her knowledge and providing support.

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