INTERVIEW An interview with Dr Elizabeth Bright, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Dr Elizabeth Bright is the author of the menopause book “Good Fat is Good for Women”. There were many aspects of this book I thought were excellent, and appreciate Dr Bright joining me to talk about menopause, hormones, including thyroid and other aspects of health in this podcast.

Dr Bright is an osteopath and naturopath and works with her clients using these modalities along with personalised nutritional plans to create long-term healing and good health.

She is turning 60 in 2023 and decided to write a book about menopause following her own experience. She came to realise that the symptoms associated with menopause are caused by a lack of adequate nutrition and abuse of our stress response system, rather than a reduction in sex hormones.

One of the chapters I most enjoyed in her book was about the medicalisation of women’s health since the time of Hippocrates and naturally occurring events such as menopause, become “problems” to be managed.

Dr Bright now lives in Italy. She is the mother to 3 children and a Master in Chou Jia Kung Fu. She now engages in paddling boarding and cycling. She switched to a carnivore diet in 2015, when she went into menopause, to assist with her own health and healing.

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