INTERVIEW An interview with Neil Cannon, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

In my first podcast of 2023, I was delighted to talk with Neil Cannon, best-selling author of the Vitality Secret.

We had an interesting and far-ranging conversation about the root cause of health including the role of inflammation in chronic disease. We also delved into the impact that stress plays on our health, how it increases adrenaline and cortisol and the impact these hormones have on the resilience of our cells and the subsequent dysregulation of minerals.

Neil is well versed in the mental and emotional contributors to chronic disease and talks about how important the power of our mind is, in determining our health outcomes.

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You can find Neil at:

About Neil

Author, Speaker, Mentor currently living in Mexico.

Neil helps people online to balance, optimize and revitalize their bodies by addressing the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic “Pillars of Vitality.”

After three decades of suffering from bad eczema and receiving the same symptom-masking treatments Neil stumbled upon something amazing. He reversed his condition and quickly discovered that those pillars could be applied to virtually any common and chronic illness, with extraordinary results. In his #1 best-selling book “The Vitality Secret” he highlights the underlying cause of almost every chronic health challenge that exists today. Further to writing his book, Neil began to attract people into his life who had reversed so-called “incurable” illnesses and was inspired to start The Vitality Secret

Podcast, to inspire others to do the same. “Your body ́s ability to heal is greater than you have ever been allowed to believe.”

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