INTERVIEW An interview with Amy Armstrong, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

In this episode I talk to Amy Armstrong from Balance Health Naturally. Amy shares the healing journey of her chronically ill daughter. This honestly bought me to tears at times. I have so much respect for how this family handled such a difficult time with such resilience, hope and compassion. It’s an inspiring story aside from the insights that Amy shares about health and healing.

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Amy’s Bio:

Amy is a mineral and health obsessed mum of three, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, Holistic Health Coach and Certified HTMA Practitioner.

Amy found herself drawn into the natural healing world on a quest to help her chronically daughter become well and improve her own health. After spending years trying many different therapies and treatments, Amy found the work of Morley Robbins and The Root Cause Protocol, through which both she and her daughter experienced profound healing.

Now, Amy is on a mission to help support other families with her nourishing food recipes and education about the importance of minerals. She is also passionate about empowering women suffering from chronic symptoms to take control of their own health through mineral balancing so they can reclaim their energy and vitality .


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