INTERVIEW An interview with Sarah K Grace, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

In this episode I talk with Sarah K Grace about healing through extreme crisis and death.

Sarah has been a licensed paramedic for 20 years and managed a 911 emergency centre for another 15 years. As someone who is energetically sensitive she bridges the gap between the medical and energetic worlds.

Sarah shares her own story of pain and condemnation that lead her to overdosing and a near death experience. She found a way out of her pain and is passionate about helping others to take back control of their lives.

Regardless of the source of pain, whether it’s from a physical or emotional source, our nervous system response becomes heightened in a way that keep us stuck in a viscous cycle. There is a lot of research on the cell danger response, and disrupted mitochondrial function, where instead of producing energy for our cells to perform their functions, the mitochondria take on a cellular defence role, that leads to perpetuating symptoms and the development of chronic disease. We end up in a cycle that is difficult to get out of. This is where Sarah offers solutions and guidance to change.

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Sarah K Grace’s Bio:

Psychic Paramedic Turned Holistic First Responder ~ Sarah K. Grace used her psychic abilities while working as a paramedic in the busy California 911 system for 15 years. Helping countless people through extreme crisis & death, she became a specialist in physical & energetic support during people’s worst moments. Sarah is now a best selling author, sought after speaker and renowned intuitive healer. Specializing custom holistic treatment programs, she can help you pull your life out of the ditch no matter how severe your current situation.

You can find Sarah at:

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