INTERVIEW An interview with Dr Ian Lake, hosted by Susan Birch – The Health Detective

Rethinking Type-1 diabetes with a ketogenic diet

Dr Ian Lake is a medical practitioner who has type 1 diabetes.

Since adopting a very low-carb lifestyle his day-to-day diabetes management has become so much easier with the added bonus of normal HbA1c. He says “as a result of smaller insulin doses, I am not tied down to strict meal times and can eat when I choose. Similarly, glucose control with exercise is far more predictable. Very low-carb for me gives as near to a ‘normal’ life as someone with diabetes can get”.

Dr Lake shares important information for type-1 diabetics, who may want to adopt a ketogenic diet but are feeling nervous. We discuss the key safety concerns for type-1, including dyslipidemia, diabetic ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia.

Dr Lake shares his own struggles with glucose control and insulin management when eating as the standard advice and dietary guidelines recommend.

In a well-executed fasting and exercise project, Dr Lake along 7 others, (including one type-1 diabetic) completed “Zero-Five-100”. They consumed zero calories, for 5 days and ran a total of 100 miles. The purpose of this project was to explore the safety and physiological effects of ketosis in people with and without diabetes, adding to the accumulating,_even_in.6.aspx\

The reason I wanted to talk to Dr Lake was to encourage GP’s to learn more about the benefits of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction for their patients, not just in diabetes, but in many of the chronic diseases experienced today.

Dr Lake offers comprehensive training for medical professionals with C.E.C. He is available to have a conversation about how a ketogenic diet could be included into a medical practice.

We both hope you enjoy this episode and will share widely with friends and family who might be interested. We also hope you will share this with your GP along with Dr Lake’s contact details.

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