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Today it’s a real pleasure talking with Vince Warnock from Wellington NZ. It’s crazy, I only found out about Vince from a mutual colleague in the US a week ago. It’s wonderful to have him as a guest.

The reason for the health detective podcast is to help you find strategies that support you in taking the best care of yourself on your journey toward creating the life you want. A lot of these are nutrition and exercise strategies, but our mindset and how we approach the challenges in our life are also important.

I think we are going to learn a lot from Vince. He has an incredible track record of success in his life.

He’s a multiple best-selling author – something most of us only dream about. His podcast, “chasing the insights” is ranked in the top podcasts world-wide. He’s a marketing guru, entrepreneur, business coach and a really great and humble guy.

But life didn’t start out that way for him. He grew up as many people have in a dysfunctional home full of violence and neglect. Today he talks about the challenges he faced, mindset he developed and lessons, strategies, and insights he’s learned. Great lessons that we can take away for our own lives.

I think so often we look at people who have “made it” and we often believe they had advantages that we don’t have. But very often this isn’t true. Often, it’s more a case of failing and getting up and going again. While that sounds like a Ritchie McCaw mantra – it’s something Vince has done throughout his life.

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