INTERVIEW An interview with Dr Ted Naiman MD, with Susan Birch – The Health Detective (2020)

In 2020 I had the pleasure of talking with Dr Ted Naiman, a family physician and author of the P:D Diet.

The role of dietary protein in our health has long been an interest of mine, so I was thrilled when Dr Naiman published his book advocating the same message. Prioritise protein and control energy intake with carbs and fats. These are the dietary principals I have advocated for many years to my clients and is the kind of diet I follow myself.

In our chat today, Dr Naiman and I discuss his book. We talk about why protein is so important and how you can optimise your health using different protein to energy ratios, depending on your needs. We discuss what a personal-fat threshold is and how this effects your ability to lose weight.

Dr Naiman talks about his early life as a Seventh-Day-Adventist and vegetarian. He gives some tips on how to improve the quality of a plant-based diet and discusses animal welfare and environmental issues.

We also talk about diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and whether protein causes cancer, kidney disease and gout.

I hope you enjoy listening to these videos and find some good tips for your own nutrition and health. Remember if you would like to understand more about the role protein plays in our health and how to determine how much protein you need, check out my protein videos on YouTube.

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