INTERVIEW An interview with Dr Ken Berry with Susan Birch, The Health Detective (June 2020)

In June 2020 I interviewed the wonderful Dr Ken Berry. Dr Berry is a Board Certified Family Medicine Practitioner, with an a particular interest in the connection between nutrition and health. He is also interested in Paleoanthropology and how we can use this to guide our food choices. Today, Dr Berry shares his knowledge on human nutrition and some of the factors that make us sick. We talk diet, weight, cancer, heart disease, insulin and many other subjects. Dr Berry also talks about how to build a good relationship with your GP and shares a great hack for getting your GP onside.

Dr Berry has a book “The Lies My Doctor Told Me” available at Amazon:

He also runs a very successful YouTube Channel. Dr Ken Berry MD:

I highly recommend everyone go and check his channel out. He covers a ton of different health topics. He can also be found on many other channels where he does longer form interviews like the one today.

Dr Berry will be featured in Series 3 of Reversed, the trailer can be viewed at:

Once again, thanks very much Dr Berry, your time and knowledge are very much appreciated.

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